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The problem of sexual exploitation is enormous.

But at the same time, new opportunities to take back ground are emerging as societies around the globe recognise that what is needed to beat this insidious form of exploitation is a proactive, co-ordinated, multi-agency approach.

Now, more than ever, the growing movement to end sexual exploitation needs to work together to establish a new norm – a world free of all forms of exploitation.

At the summit, leaders from this movement, along with special guest speakers, will equip, encourage and inspire those who gather. And together, we will harness the combined power that unity brings and achieve real change for human dignity and justice in our State and Federal governments.

The Summit will expose the seamless connection between sexual exploitation in the following areas:

  • Pornography
  • Objectification in advertising
  • Sex Trafficking / Prostitution
  • Child Sexual Exploitation

Connecting the exploitation agenda will result in concrete recommendations for change that will bring freedom.  We will be given current research and have the opportunity to strategise and network with leaders from other States and organisations.
This conference will explore a range of issues in relation to sexual exploitation. We acknowledge that the topics discussed over the course of the conference may conflict with individually held values or cause distress. Participants are encouraged to approach conference organisers for counselling resources and referrals should they wish to access these services. 


The Australian Summit Against Sexual Exploitation (ASASE) was focused on bringing a variety of people together to solve and end sexual exploitation in all of its forms, including the public health crisis of pornography, sex trafficking, prostitution, child exploitation, sexual violence, and more. In order to do this, ASASE will unite the efforts of like-minded organisations and leaders from around our country in a loose coalition. There are well over 20 national, state and local organisations in this Coalition which includes:
  • Child advocacy and Internet safety leaders
  • Pro-family organisations
  • Academics
  • Women's rights and feminist activists
  • Survivor Leaders and Activist Organizations
  • Mental health experts
  • Anti-trafficking groups
  • Members of Parliament
  • Religious leaders
  • and more...
We want to unite to galvanise a successful movement to defend human dignity. Together, we can create a unified front when faced with seemingly insurmountable issues in our field. If this is an issue that matters to you, we ask you to join us to end sexual exploitation
Join us as we hear from a number of leading voices in this important area in 2019.